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Drum Jam

Kumi Masunaga, Professional Drummer

TEL : +852 09750 4212

EMAIL : info@drum-jam.com

WEBSITE : drum-jam.com

Drum jam team building and corporate events, school programs, birthday parties, live performance, African drum classes, free community activities

A simple yet powerful activity accessible to all ages and cultures, drumming has been recognized since ancient times as an extraordinary tool to motivate, energize, connect and heal. We harness the power of the drum and rhythms and deliver it to you through a range of inspirational programs, including corporate entertainment, team-building workshops, leadership skills training, drumming for stress release as well as children’s parties and community drum sessions. We can perform in just about any location for groups large or small. We uplift, inspire, celebrate & unite people through our interactive drumming programs.

Entered 03-May-01 | Updated 01-Sep-15

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