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"I like your wish list" Glynis

"Lovely newsletter - very focused - congratulations and keep up the good work." Helen

"Liked your message this week, keep up the good work, it's appreciated, even from afar." Chris

"I love your site! and in a place like HK - this is the type of stuff we need to promote!" Jen

"I always love your heartbeat emails ... really strike a chord." Lindsay

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you are doing in Hong Kong." Gino

"I just had to let you know that I am a big fan of your essays. I am crazy busy with a full time job, 3 little boys and a green group in DB but I always have time to stop and read your emails - I have often found them just spell bounding. You are clearly a very gifted writer so just a wee note to let you know how much I enjoy them and how often I find such food for thought in them! Really fresh and interesting and entertaining so thank you!" Kate

"One of your best articles ever." Jeff

"Well done. I like your conscious words." Linda

"Another great post. Thanks." Ashley

"Absolutely true-nail on the head! Paul

"I'm now living in UK, but still enjoy reading heartbeat!" Sam

"Good article." Joel

"Nice one!!" Bobsy

"Thanks for that reminder!" Ellen

"I found these events and activities most fascinating." Darrion

"Great writing!" Jeff

"Your emails have encouraged me since 2001." Shiori

"I have to send huge thanks ... I've just done a week of yoga workshops with Maya Fiennes which I found on heartbeat ... It was fabulous!!" Fiona

"I'm now living in UK, but still enjoy reading, All the best to you and well done with heartbeat!" Samantha

"I just took a quick look at your site and I love it! It's simple and I really like your style of writing, very harmonic." Cindy

"What a great calendar and please keep us on your list. Keep up the good work and best wishes." Helen

"Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your newsletter, which is getting better all the time." Carola

"I get so many emails and yours is the only one I read every week, without fail, wherever I am. Thanks." Colin

"Love your newsletters ... always very positive and inspiring! Congrats." Cornelia

"Thanks for your information and hard work!" Marina

"I love everything you write - always personal, always inspired." Lynda

"Just had a quick look and I like what I see. Well done!" Jodi

"Your stuff is looking and sounding great!" Ellen

"You are playing a major role in helping the holistic community expand and the effort of your media truly deserves high praise." Ruby

"Congratulations for the web site - a step in the right direction! so many info in there." Cynthia

"What a writing gift you have. Each time I read your pieces they are so inspired. Keep up the great work." Lynda

The Natural Hong Kong Directory

I saw it and was impressed, well done! it is indeed helpful and well organized/presented. SK

They are fabulous. Thanks for all your had work - MK

This is such a great job of connecting all the people in the holistic field. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. CP

Congratulations for a big project well done! As one of the participating members being listed, I am very excited to see the wide distribution. I am sure you must be so proud of your work and so I am. Thank you for your hard work and I wish everybody luck with such connection. Love and blessings to you. Dr CN

Thanks for both your assistance and your wonderful upbeat energy and commitment to what you do. Thanks for offering this opportunity to people like me. I appreciate it greatly. CR


Nice E letter. Bruce

great stuff. Koko

Great newsletter. Isobel

Nice! - Lara

Great article on not giving up! Really inspiring. Thanks a lot. Jacqui

You are such a good writer !!!! - Sandi

Maaaan, your message is right on! Thanks for this. I just saved it in my 'quote' file. xxx Kumi

Thanks for the good thoughts! - Graeme Bradshaw

Thanks for keeping me in your newsletter loop. Your personalized email is very impressive. Lawrence Oh, Kamalaya

Thanks for all your emails - some thought- provoking stuff I must say -  do keep them coming. SCMP Listing Editor

I really do wish to thank you for all your wonderful work and your smiling energy you send to everyone. it means a lot and is well appreciated. Ming

I want to thank you from my heart for doing all you are doing, this bulletin and also the booklet I found this weekend in different places. It is brilliant! You are doing a lot for HK and all of us here. You are a gift to all of us. Thanks! - SL

This a great list and very useful. Thank you for following your initial idea. It will serve a lot of people, I am sure. Frederique Deleage

Hey, this is very NICE!! I LIKE IT!! I like the name ‘heartbeat.’ - Kumi

Your mail is very informative and extremely helpful with small details of the programs taking place in Hong Kong. Art of Living Society

It must have spending a lot of time, energy and passion in preparing the HK heartbeat. It’s such a great job you’ve done. Surdham

I’m so impressed by your incredible listing of events in Hong Kong – it’s extremely thorough and really helpful for planning ahead. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. You have my full support and gratitude. Robin Tassie

great! great! great! - FC

You are doing a great service to the spiritual community and the Angels are guiding you and supporting you. Sandra Gonzales

What a wonderful idea this is! Well done to you! - MC

Excellent! The informations [sic] of heartbeat is really helpful and complete. AW

heartbeat is really such a treasure, very useful, thanks. AL

Nice to know there’s one more person who really concern about our own home, planet earth. YM

Love your introduction paragraphs – always thoughtful and insightful. SS

Absolutely dazzling, as usual! AG

My little thing for today is to tell you this is a great email series you are doing. Keep up the good work! - MM

here comes the sun - 27 january 2005

"Love what you shared and thanks for sharing. I love your sentence -
there simply isn't enough time to f@#k around. In fact I talked with a
girlfriend who is over half a century old. I told her she does not have
much time to go and so choose to focus on serving others.

The key is to focus by keep asking yourself:

What am I focusing on? And know that we always have a choice
And whatever you do, choose to do it and also keep asking yourself:

For what purpose.

You know what one can do is to ask:

Is there any place I would rather be? Is there any things I rather do?

If not, then you have made the best choice for yourself.

Wishing you every success in your heartbeat work. Yes, make it global,
think big. It is important to have a vision or us to move towards.

May the blessings be."

Cindy Ng (27 jan 05)

total control - 19 november 2004

"Your courage is amazing ... so many people are touched and transformed by your honesty. Thank you. Love, B (19 Nov 04)


"A pleasure to read yet again. Thank you for reminding me. Love, VM - (19 Nov 04)


"That was Great .. thanks again, for sharing your heart with all of us ... "

Gratefully, VK ( 19 Nov 04)

transition = the process of change - 4 november 2004

"Excellent insightful stuff ... just what I needed on a Friday morning! - Love, R (5 Nov 04)


"I'm amazed every time I get your message. The theme is always exactly what I have been tackling - - it's just so relevant. And I enjoy reading your sharing. Thank you very much!"

Cheers VY (5 Nov 04)

time and space and heart connections - 28 october 2004

"Just wanted to let you know you really inspire me to be my true self, for myself!!" - A (29 Oct 04)

authenticity - 7 october 2004

"I really resonated and appreciated what you wrote, and I felt inclined to reply ... So thank you for sharing your truth, and I look forward to the next issue of heartbeat. love and blessings, S (10 Oct 04)


"To be completely truthful is never easy as we are often attached to what we perceive as the outcome. Listening to your heart's messages is respecting your soul. I admire your strength in the constant search to move forward. L (10 Oct 04)


"I appreciate the courage it took for you to send this. It's so much easier to point out faults in other people rather than confront our own truths ... It's very true - we learn the hard way to follow our own truth, follow the process and not become attached to the outcome. I wish us all happy learning! - S (7 Oct 04)


"Hi! I have been a recipient of your messages in the past 2 years or so. Though I have no clue who you are, I have been profoundly comforted by you sharing your experiences as they have proven to have close resemblance to my own situations as well. Somehow, whatever is happening to you is happening to me. This one in particular is very timely ... Just like you, I'm now committed to touch base with my REAL self again and speak the truth in my heart ... Thank you for reminding me to trust the process. Cheers, M (7 Oct 04)


"loved your message this week! Authenticity is a big issue for me too (surprise surprise!) I acknowledge your courage in telling the truth. Love and a big hug and a shower of rose petals. K (7 Oct 04)


"Thanks. This is your best message yet! I applaud your courage in saying what is in your heart ... and for continuing the process of change."

Warmly, J (7 Oct 04)


"You are brave to post such a message. So don't hold back. People will always judge you. What is important is that we are true to ourselves. I myself try to be true and speak what my heart feels which at times has made me very undiplomatic, however I have endeavored to do so. I speak what is in my heart every day to friends and loved ones and I really enjoy being expressive and showing my feelings of love and gratitude. Always be TRUE to YOURSELF and OTHERS."

love & peace, F (7 Oct 04)



Maybe it's fate. Just at lunch time today I read a chinese article on being truthful with yourself and others, the message is very similar to yours except that it also talked about how people are never entirely honest with each other in order to appear rational and mature, and that creates a delusional world for us if we don't honestly contemplate the real world with our heart. I was so touched by it that I decided to send it to everyone I know ... Thanks for sharing and listening. Stay in touch."

Namaste and peace, D (7 Oct 04)

questions for neale ? - 16 september 2004

"Thank you, you are great, I love to get your e mails ... I actually do not know who you are yet I feel I do when I receive your mails ... "

L (16 Sept 04)

energy in motion - 3 june 2004

"I go along with your comments 100%. Have you thought of it this way: that Emotion is really E[nergy- in- ]motion and removing the blockages to that free flowing motion (mainly 'fear based thinking') is the fastest way to ease and clarity. And right there you have INtuition....learning from the inside. Keep up the good work. C (3 June 04)

the power of focus - 11 march 2004

"Congratulations to you the 100th landmark of your focused energy turning into matter. I enjoy reading your heartbeat messages, and look forward to be inspired by and be part of your unfolding creativity. A (12 March 04)

Events : magic monday

"THANK YOU for leading such a wonderful gathering last night. I feel blessed to have met so many interesting people in one evening and want to say that I was deeply impressed by your spirit and strength! I look forward to upcoming events! - Kristine Surla, Holistic Health Counsellor - 6 Dec 05

"I am so glad I went to the Magic Monday last night and spent time to get to know you and other interesting people. When I was in NY I was scared about moving back to HK because I thought I would have no more support like I had there. But something happened that made me trust the universe and come back home. And I find myself meeting open minded people with pioneering and can do spirit wherever I go since coming back. I am more convinced that I made the right decision as time passes. Anita Cheung, Lifestyle and Image Consultant - 6 December 05

"I love your spirits - energy - wonderful evening I had & will make sure to try always to make it. Thanks. Dr Jay Pandya

"Monday was fantastic. I loved it. Samantha Spiro, SCMP

"It was a lovely evening - thank you so much. Vivien Eakin, Silver Lining

"Thanks much ... it was great, as always. Velda Kwan

"Thank you very much for arranging such an event. I loved the energy and the people around. Charlie Lang, ProgressU

"Beautifully done last night. Look forward to further connecting - re things that matter. Alan Stewart

"It is working ! I may be able to put Barbara's son in touch with a possible new area of work. Another friend may be in need of Angela's coaching. A client is interested in meeting Purusia. Thanks for an interesting evening. Julia Brown, Orijen

"I enjoyed that evening very much and am looking forward to the next. Kalisha, Ishayas Ascension

"Thanks for the follow up, in fact, I enjoyed a lot that night. Carrie Wong

"Really enjoyed the evening and well worth a few rain drops. Martin Lister

"Thanks for a very interesting evening. Adam Gill

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