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Being well

This week we are keeping dry and being well.

Healing is on the way and I have a lot of catching up to do. The Wellness 360 Fair is happening just in time this Saturday with 27 vendors ready to serve you at The Kinnet, just one of the many new businesses bringing new life to my old neighborhood.

When I left my central Say Fong Gaai address in 2007 for this quiet South Lantau fishing village, I often dreamed of creating a weekend haven for city dwellers and apparently I wasn't the only one. The secret is out and Green Queen recently shared their experience when discovering Sommer's Life Beach Retreat, your new local favorite -- no air miles required.

I am excited to see HK heartbeat members Lisa Christensen, Joanne Ooi, Hersha Chellaram, Jo-Soo Tang and Gabrielle Kirstein recognized by HK Tatler for their outstanding community contributions. No pressure ... but I urge you consider them or my former colleague, Kai-Yin Lo when you to cast your vote for the Women of Hope Awards.

The team at Ecozine invites you to take the pledge for Zero Waste Week next month and I invite you to consider the electronic effect when you sign up. Hong Kong has a number of reduce-reuse-recycle opportunities, although is there is plenty of room for growth in the market.

Local residents continue to organize earthquake relief fundraisers and we are all encouraged feel lucky we are here and to continue doing what we can for Nepal neighbors.

In addition to the fresh listings below on the directory, please give a warm welcome to Barry Sadleir -- our newest business member  offers healing and insights at Shakti Healing Circle on Saturdays.

Our community is growing by the minute and we have lots to be grateful for with an abundance of inspired health professionals offering a variety of services to get well and be well. To make it even easier, we are testing new member profiles and would love for you to help us help you connect members with members directly and stay in touch with the latest new and ancient wisdom available in the fast lane.

What is in your wellness plan?


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Adopt-A-Temple - June 12

Fundraising Dinner and Talk with Laurence Brahm

Laurence Brahm, founder of the Himalayan Consensus Institute, is leading a restoration project to rebuild damaged buildings and temples in Durbar Square and the adjacent Royal Palace representing the spiritual identity of Nepal. These community gathering places provide a direct link to the cultural heritage and identity of Nepal's people. The revival and reconstruction of the temples will create employment for unemployed crafts artisans and benefit entire families, giving directly to the community a sense of re-empowerment. Join in protecting our world spiritual heritage. Tickets are HK$1,000 for the inspired fundraiser on Friday, June 12 at KEE Club (32 Wellington Street, Central) with networking from 7pm followed by the 7:30pm talk and dinner at 8pm.

QUICK LINK : Dinner and Talk at KEE Club with Laurence Brahm

RSVP : Jeanne Lim | Email:  yogajeanne@gmail.com | Tel:  +852 9038 4443

Events this week in Hong Kong

Sponsored events include links. Contact organizers for unpaid listing details.

19 > City Carbon Vision 2015 - Risk & Resilience | contact ASrIA

19 > Shamanic Journey and Feather Healing | contact Reflections

19-23 > International Conference on Solid Waste | request details

19 > Back to Basics: Alleviating Poverty in China | contact Asia Society

19 > Homeopathy Demystified | contact Charlotte Douglas

19 > Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cooking Class | contact Olive Leaf

19 > Release Tension for Nepal | contact Anne Cousin

20 > Ride of Silence | contact HK Cycling Alliance

20 > Shamanic Workshop | contact Shakti Healing Circle

20 > Pain Relief for Nepal | contact Richard Wickes

21 > Science with the Heart of an Artist | contact Green Drinks

21 > Natural Capital in a Metropolis | contact Business Environment Council

21 > Learn to Meditate | contact Ishayas Ascension Centre

22-24 > Belly Dance Workshop | contact Oasis Dance Centre

22-25 > The Light of Breath - Pranayama Workshop | request details

23 > The Wellness 360 Fair | request details

23 > Meat Free Lunch Gathering | contact Meat Free Hong Kong

23-24 > Music for Nepal | contact Kumi Masunaga

24 > Mindful Creative Visualization | request details

24 > Wicke's Way | contact All About You Wellness

26 > Introduction to EFT | contact The Body Group

26 > Embedding Change for a Better You | contact Fiona McKeand

26 > Clothing Drive | contact Redress

26 > Veggie Potluck & Green Chat | request details

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Fresh directory listings

Barry Sadleir - Individual healing sessions include relaxation, energy clearing, hands-on healing - details

Healthy Delight - Online organic shop with a variety of health foods and products for children - details

HK Recycles - Weekly residential glass, plastic, paper and metal collection by subscription  - details

Gonzalo Kosher Meat and General Food - Grass-fed, anti-biotic-free, hormone-free beef, chicken and lamb - details

Willo O'Brien - Creative entrepreneurship support with coaching, online courses and retreats - details

Yeshma Sawlani - Energy healing for animals and humans; relationship issues, body pain, stress and grief - details

Organic 21 - Health food restaurant; operated as a social enterprise - details

The Kinnet - Fitness centre, exercise studios, creative classes and cafe for healthy living from age 50 - details

Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard - Pet-friendly with super-foods, paleo and vegan options - details

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