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This week, with the accounts back at ground zero, I am keeping a promise I made to myself during the crunch last summer.

The time has come to shift gears and build the business of natural life in the fast lane to properly serve our growing network.

Unless you are an active personal member with a monthly or annual paid subscription, this will be your last weekly email from me.

After today, you will receive the monthly calendar with member highlights along with occasional offers and all new guides on release.

Keep in touch by visiting the website community calendar and follow our social media accounts for updates across the channels.

Paid personal members save time every week -- everything is organized in the email newsletter with direct links to the details.

As the earth continues to spin on its axis, the world around us continues to spin tall tales using fear to win clicks and dollars.

As members, we will continue to keep our feet on the ground with promises we can keep -- to ourselves and each other.

I promise to wash my hands frequently, keep all of my germs to myself and always flush with the lid down.

I promise to eat well, move my body regularly, schedule quiet time in nature and play often with friends.

I promise to continue nurturing HK heartbeat to become a positive force for good with your help.

What promise will you keep today?


HK heartbeat

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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"Everyone's a millionaire where promises are concerned." Ovid


Feb 11 (7:15-9pm) Climate Change vs Economic Growth-A Zero Sum Game? | Salon 10 > details

Feb 12 (9:30am-12pm) Mindful Drawing | Wild at Art Studio > details

Feb 12 (6:30-7:45pm) Healthy Hormones and Cycles | Her Yoga Practice > details

Feb 13-16 (9:30am-7pm) Awakening the Illuminated Heart | Inner Space > details

Feb 13 (6-8:30pm) Love Mandalas | Wild at Art Studio > details

Feb 13 RGS Gala Fundraiser (postponed) > details

Feb 14 (7-9pm) Valen-Wine's Day Tasting > details

Feb 14 (11:45am-1:30pm) Connect to your Guides: Automatic Writing > details

Feb 14 (3-6pm) Afternoon Tea x Floral Jamming Workshop > details

Feb 14 (6:30-8:15pm) Unsung Heroes of Ink (cancelled) > details

Feb 14 (7-9pm) Valen-Wine's Day Tasting > details

Feb 15 (8:30am-5:30pm) Green Power Hike > details

Feb 15 (9am-2:30pm) Transcendental Breathwork > details

Feb 15 (10am-12pm) Textiles Repair Cafe > details

Feb 15 (1-2:30pm) Heal Your Relationships: The Father Wound > details

Feb 16 (2-6pm) HKPaws Homing Day > details

Feb 17-24 Wellness Week Hong Kong > details

Feb 17 (7:45-9:45pm) Conscious Dance Monday > details

Feb 18 (1-5pm) CPR & First Aid for Domestic Helpers | Annerley Midwives > details

Feb 18 (7:30-9pm) Deep Body Relaxation Exercises > details

Coming up

Feb 20 Trust Matters

Feb 21-23 LOHAS Expo & Vegetarian Food Asia (postponed)

Feb 23 (11:32pm) New moon

Feb 23 (12-6pm) Sustainable Sunday Market

Feb 25 (6:30-9pm) The New Decade is Female

Mar 8 Green Women Festival

Apr 23 Hospitality 2020: It's all about waste

Visit the website calendar and the raw calendar for updates.

News and notices

Amberjack needs a lot of work or a replacement and Oceans Asia needs our help.

Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival is hiring a Performing Arts Manager and a Visual Arts Manager.

Watch the new season of Frontline Fashion as Cycle 10 of the Redress Design Awards is open for applications.

Redress is hiring an Events Director with organizational skills and a flair for fashion to join the team in Hong Kong.

The Eastern District has launched a pilot scheme with mobile collection points for waste separation and plastic recycling.

We have been contacted by a client looking to buy an operating recycling business in Hong Kong -- get in touch.

Regular updates

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