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Shirley Kuo


Rest in peace, dear Shirley.

House of Light

Using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear blocks and limiting beliefs

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Eulogy to Shirley Kuo Bingley from her Loving Husband David St. John Bingley

I fell in love with Shirley the first moment that I saw her and I knew then that I would ask her to marry me and she did. We spent 8 wonderful years together and we had two beautiful children together Jonathan David now 7 and later with Keinwyn Jianna now 3. I feel blessed and grateful to have shared our lives together learning, loving, crying and growing.

We were very similar in many ways with our life lessons and challenges being almost the same. We were very connected and could feel each other’s pains and emotions, except in the end when she kept her secret locked safe inside. I say that, as I now know that she knew that she was dying and kept this from everyone. She was very brave and drew from the courage that only a Mother can draw from.

Shirley did things her way, and her way flowed for her, she faced obstacles and roadblocks just like everyone else, but if it is what she wanted then that is what she would get. She would look deep inside herself and understand what it was within her that was resisting and she would change it.

Her passion when I met her and when many of you her present met her was when she as a healer and teacher. It is what she was born to do. She was alive when she was doing it. It was her passion and she burned brightly shining her light far and wide. She had a huge heart, full of love.

Shirley loved her children and gave her love freely, she loved and nurtured them more than she loved herself, this is self evident in the way she gave of herself of them. She found it hard to say no to people, not only her children but to anyone who reached out to her for help and assistance, and she gave with out thought or consequence to herself. Her belief in compassion and humanity seemed to know no bounds, and subsequently she was able to reach out and touch the hearts of hundreds if not thousands helping them to change, grow and truly believe in themselves.

She had an unwavering belief that everyone and anyone could change and trusted that they would change, no matter what the consequences or the result otherwise showed, she believed that they would eventually learn and change. She knew this to be true, and she always spoke the truth. She was measured, composed and strait to the point, with no apologies, this is who she was. And I loved her for it, painful, as it was sometimes.

Integrity was everything to Shirley, and her sense of integrity was immovable, it was rock solid and is most probably the cornerstone of her success as a healer and teacher. Her integrity was palpable much like the outpouring of prayers, love and healing that her community of friends, family and students have been sending to Jonny, Kein Kein and My self, I can really feel the energy and love, it has lifted us and kept us strong in this very difficult time. I love you all for that and am grateful for all your blessings. And in closing I would like to share a beautiful poem with you.

Shining Light by Ryan Lee Morris

She’s brilliant, comforting and warm.
Pure beauty in it’s truest form.
Amazing, incredible shining light.
Everything about her, feels so right.
Before she’s seen, her presence felt.
The coldest of hearts, she can melt.
Her gorgeous smile, lights up a room.
Like a flower, fully in bloom.
Her eyes show Heaven is not just a place.
A simple gaze launches me into space.
In her eyes, I’m both lost and found.
Her voice the softest, sweetest sound.
She’s a masterpiece, sent from above.
Proving once and for all that God is love.

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