Tina Barrat

Raw Food & Vegan Chef

TEL : +852 6469 4533

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HOURS : by appointment

Private plant-based fine dining and nourishing, vegan creations featuring all natural ingredients to build a bridge between vegans and non-vegans

Chef Tina is a Local artisan well known for sold out fine-dining plant-based private dinners and nourishing, creative vegan creations featuring all natural ingredients build a bridge between vegans and non-vegans. Making everything from scratch in the kitchen reveals the true taste of the food and nourishes the body as it was naturally intended. Tina is well known in Hong Kong for 100% vegan and cruelty-free takes on gourmet cuisine classics with her distinctly French flair. From chiaviar with quinoa blinis where energy-boosting chia seeds replace endangered sturgeon roe, to beetroot carpaccio and faux-gras pâté crafted from porcini mushrooms and cashews, all dishes embrace whole, unprocessed natural ingredients and none, including orange and fennel soup and grilled king oyster scallops, sans-salmon rillettes, eggless quiche are heated above 40 degrees celsius.

Entered 02-Dec-09 | Updated 23-May-23

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