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Kinzie, Producer/Publisher/Publicist

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HOURS : Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

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Founder and publisher of heartbeat offering business support including social networks, community building, websites, media advisory, communications, promotions, advertising and events

Operating a network of hundreds of local and international businesses, professionals and organizations offering natural  products and services in Hong Kong, services include market intelligence, strategic marketing communications and referrals for products, services and partners ... naturally. Create and manage efficient programs to clearly communicate your value, reach customers where they are looking for you and make it easy to for them to connect with you. Learn how to build sustainability into all of your business activities. Initiate conversations that add value and promote sharing among circles of followers. Synchronize digital and offline promotions to save time, money and trees.

HK heartbeat is a business member


Entered 22-Oct-01 | Updated 29-Apr-19


HK heartbeat -- the natural network


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Fresh content and local contacts for balanced everyday choices ... naturally

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