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Homegrown Foods

Weekly delivery of vegetables free of synthetic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from local family farms within 24 hours of harvesting

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Homegrown Foods is promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable eating habits while setting new benchmarks for agriculture and advocating the benefits of eating premium, sustainable clean food harvest at peak flavor and nutrition. In the era of eating with intelligence and integrity, modern consumers want know where their food comes from and how it was produced just as much as they appreciate how good it tastes. Overseas produce must be picked before it is fully ripe in order travel the distance to the local supermarket so it does not reach its potential. We partner with local family farms to harvest crops at their optimal ripeness to bring you delicious and nutritious organic food. With your support, a healthier, cleaner environment and lifestyle is possible when we create demand and drive expansion of the local organic agricultural community. We organize farm trips for schools, groups and organizations to introduce local organic produce and make a change in our community by supporting local farmers. In addition to fruits and vegetables, our online shop offers recipes and an expanding range of fair trade products. From convenient payment options to customized boxes to delivery schedules, we invest our time so you have freedom to choose.

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