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Registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to addressing hunger while simultaneously reducing food wastage; founded in 2001 and registered in 2010

TEL : +852 2567 1561




Foodlink is an NGO that collaborates with food and beverage outlets, connecting supply to demand in a sustainable food-recycling system to reducing food waste and benefit the environment. Recipients are charitable organizations providing for needy local residents living in shelters, street-sleepers, homeless, unemployed, and disenfranchised individuals and families.

Foodlink collects safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over the city and delivers to those in our community who are vulnerable to hunger. These include children, the elderly, low-income families, asylum seekers, and the homeless, among others. The benefits are twofold - while reducing hunger Foodlink also reduces the pressure on our city's landfills. Today, with the generous support of donors, Foodlink saves an average of 2,600 kilograms of hot food and 15,000 pieces of bread per week which can provide an estimated 12,600 meals to those in need.

Compliments of our Social Sponsorship Program

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