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The heartbeat village

Hong Kong is a state of mind. No one really leaves. We just have more friends in far away places ... naturally.

Su Burnett
Caroline Cadoret
Catherine Chai
Anne Cousi
Chan Cudennec
Phil Davies
Elaine Fong
Julie Gallinat
Sandra Gonzalez
Helen Griffiths
Markus (Anup) Karlsson
David Knowles
Jenny Lethbridge
Laksmi Leung
Peter Lloyd
Greg March
Susan McAteer
Fiona McKeand
Anita Moorjani
Danny Moorjani
Maggie O'Hara
David O'Rose
Monika Parker
Daniela Pelonara
Helen Revans
Rachel Schumacher
Frederick Stander
Yvonne Stander
Nathalie Tellier
Richard Wickes
Christel Wilk

As our members carry on the historical tradition of global migration through the world's biggest fishing village, we keep in touch to keep learning how to make good choices today for a better tomorrow.

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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Fresh content and local contacts for balanced everyday choices ... naturally

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Everything is connected. Listen to your own heartbeat.

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