22 December 2020

HK heartbeat :: week #998

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This week in life ... naturally

This week, it's all down to us.

Life is just a series of personal choices.

Habits are behaviors created over a lifetime.

Traditions are choices passed down over time.

Travel and parties and overindulgence are so 2019.

Many holidays traditions are coming under scrutiny.

The planet is already heaving from the plastic pandemic.

The giving of gifts can be more about presence than presents.

Local foods, handmade crafts and home made dinners are trending.

We are taking this down time to examine our relationship with waste.

The practical application of essential means doing more with less.

We can't change Covid-19 so we must not spread SARS-CoV-2.

Relaxing means space and time far from the popular crowds.

Our contribution to the next chapter is purely personal.

An ounce of prevention is found in grains and greens.

We mask up first to help others address challenges.

We harness our privilege in service of community.

We find new ways to laugh and dance and love.

We stay at home for those who cannot.

Is your holiday personal this year?


HK heartbeat

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"When you pray for anyone you tend to modify your personal attitude toward him." Norman Vincent Peale

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Natural Holiday Guide by HK heartbeat

The annual natural holiday guide is our hand-picked selection of gifts and tips for conscious traditions and ways to support our community. This year, all listings are provided with my compliments with advertising especially created for social members with more to come in the following weeks ... details

Mental health relief

If you are facing a crisis and you feel able to, speak to a trusted friend or family member or a medical or mental health professional. Starting the conversation can be hard, but these people want to talk to you and help you to cope. The Mental Health Relief Scheme is available in multiple languages to everyone who needs a hand ... details

Fair trade gifts

With the holiday season upon us, thoughts turn to supporting others. Global Handicrafts has fair trade gifts with a conscience for everyone on your list, including unique stationery, toys, jewelry, accessories and home decor items. Our holiday selection includes seasonal ornaments and handmade greeting cards ... details

$100 equals ten meals for those in great and from 1-8 December 2020, ImpactHK aims to raise HK$300,000 for the homeless in preparation for the winter season. Not only will these meals help our city’s most vulnerable, but they will also be prepared and cooked by individuals who were once homeless ... details

Healthy holiday gifts for healthy oceans

Choose special gifts from the times for more entertainment and healthy habits and less marine debris in support of our Ocean Recovery Alliance heroes making waves all around the world. All profits from our sales of SpyHop Facewear masks and Plastically Impossible Puzzles go toward protecting the ocean and reducing plastic pollution ... details

Festive Food Drive for Feeding HK

Join the Festive Food Drive to bring some extra Christmas cheer to those in need. Feeding Hong Kong has experienced a surge in demand from front line charities across the city while facing a series of disruptions to business operations, resulting in loss of income and rising operational costs. Feed people, not landfills ... details

Farmfest 2021 in Hong Kong ... virtually

Farmfest 2021

Now in its 15th year, this year’s event will be held online with hundreds of vendors selling fresh organic fruits and vegetables, chilled fish, dried seafood and ornamental plants along with local delicacies, kitchenware, household goods and eco-smart products -- read more.

Mask with care.

The HK heartbeat masks have just arrived and I ordered extra stock in case you would like one. While tempted to use heartbeat red, I chose black (west) and white (east) to honor those who lost their lives to infection from to SAR-CoV-2 virus. Try the new biodegradable, durable, 100% fair trade cotton eco-smart antimicrobial mask ... read more.

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