21 February 2022 :: read online :: URGENT APPEAL

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

I'm on a mission to make up for a revenue shortfall in order to cover urgent costs due now for the next big move.

The rental deposit is due today for HK heartbeat's new home. The tiny new space is a 50% downsize so overheads will be slashed in the name of building a sustainable business. Sales campaigns are ongoing and taking a little longer than expected as everything slows to a healing pace in our community.

My current landlord is taking back the flat for his grandson and I've been working on the move for a few months. The new landlord has been patient but I need to sign the lease today to secure the flat and relocate at the end of the month.

Some of you have indicated your intention to join personal or commercial membership or advertising so I am reaching out to everyone with this general fundraising appeal.

Please help make this a smooth transition while I continue serving with minimum disruption.

 - Personal membership with offers

 - Business membership with advertising

 - Advance sales of my new collection of essays

 - One-sheet bio and/or website design and production

The response has been great with helpful tips and excellent suggestions  from our experts. Research is going well and production is underway for the general guide for home isolation, treatment protocols and personal support.  One of our members has volunteered to do the Chinese translation. Content will be linked to the directory with updates underway to keep us all well and to support our vulnerable neighbors. We can all take part in the heartwarming stories of goodness out there in the cold rainy weather of this persistent winter monsoon.

Thanks for considering this urgent appeal for support.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

It's time for me to put my own mask on first.

Stay strong, stay healthy and keep warm.

We've got this.


HK heartbeat

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

Everything is connected.

Listen to your own heartbeat.

"Poverty is a veil that obscures the face of greatness. An appeal is a mask covering the face of tribulation." Khalil Gibran

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2022 marks the beginning of a new chapter. I will need everyone’s support to make this happen — especially to secure new headquarters when the landlord takes back the flat next month.

Rents have not gone down and I am prepared to downsize by half to secure a new flat and keep Hong Kong's heart beating ... read more


Thanks in advance for your support.

Get in touch to discuss other advertising, sponsorship or other fundraising partnership ideas ... read more

WE CAN ALL HELP -- click here

In these unprecedented times, HandsOn Hong Kong has quickly mobilized, calling all charity partners to check the immediate needs of the vulnerable people they serve.  We can all help by donating emergency items to a local charity near you or by volunteering virtually from home. Double vaccinated volunteers are urgently needed by Feeding Hong Kong to pack food boxes for families in desperate need of assistance.  Thank you for helping to spread the word and stay strong everyone ... read more


Now that we’re all moving inside, it’s time to clean up our living space and give our immune systems a break so we can breathe easy indoors.

With the return of remote work and the arrival of home isolation, our members are here to help you breathe easier with clean air at home and in the office... read more


The plastic pandemic tidal wave that is already upon us is about to gain momentum.

Home isolation means we can expect exponential growth in the volume of chemical cleaners, hand sanitizers, testing kits, food delivery and double masking ... read more

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Natural life in the fast lane -- a collection of essays

FUNDRAISING BOOK: Listen to your own heartbeat is a fundraising venture for HK heartbeat, featuring a selection of favorite essays plus tips from our pioneers, recipes from our healthy chefs and a look back over the past 20 years of natural Hong Kong. The book will be published in digital format with a companion hard copy edition (with digital access) and branded editions are available for company orders. Publishing will be funded by advance orders with the Special Pre-launch offer of HK$188 for the digital version and HK$688 for a print edition. Full price (HK$288/HK$888) will apply for orders placed after the fundraising goal is reached to cover production costs... details


HK heartbeat -- the natural network


HK heartbeat is an independent local network dedicated to serving the Hong Kong community by publishing content that is relevant to our members. Make a difference by getting involved with local volunteers. Stay in touch with members around the village. Ask for help from the natural concierge. Find what you're looking for, even when you're not sure what you're looking for ... read more

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