15 April 2021

HK heartbeat :: Issue #1013

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Listen to your own heartbeat ... naturally

This week, quality is on the endangered list.

We are all seeking just a little bit more quality time.

Quality of care is essential for our next big chapter.

Without quality health and hygiene, we're stuck.

It's time for us to value quality over quantity.

We build quality relationships upon trust.

We seek a fit in our personal qualities.

Brands pay to communicate quality.

Quality design respects resources.

Handmade is a quality of its own.

Luxury quality breeds extinction.

Quality is the enemy of landfills.

Convenience opposes quality.

Air quality requires more less.

We desire a high quality of life.

Demand quality investments.

Subsistence can be quality.

Seek quality in options.

Make quality choices.

Build quality habits.

Hear quality voices.

Be quality for all.

Is this equality?


HK heartbeat

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit" Aristotle

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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Care Delivered -- call for volunteers

Despite the sense of cautious optimism in the air, many of Hong Kong's citizens continue to suffer from the devastating impact of this past year and needs are ongoing in our community. CARE DELIVERED is a food distribution project jointly run by HandsOn Hong Kong and Feeding Hong Kong, that mobilizes caring volunteers to deliver Care Packages directly to the doorsteps of those most in need. Our teams have coordinated with five local charities to identify families and individuals who will most benefit from long-term food support and compassion from oue community and they will receive one Care Packages each month for a whole year -- details

In the news

In the news

Off Hong Kong's shores, threatened pink dolphins enjoy brief respite (NY Times)

Island visitors shame themselves (The Standard)

The man who wouldn't be king (ABC)

Archaeologists discover 'lost golden city' in Egypt (RTHK)

Indonesia and Thailand in slow race for digital nomad visa (Nikkei)

From scanning for bats to counting jellyfish, citizen science in action in Hong Kong (SCMP)

The dawn of wireless electricity is finally upon us (Popular Mechanics)

2021 Bird Photographer of the Year finalists include Hongkonger (BBC)

WWF's Andy Cornish: Saving Sharks and Restoring Hong Kong’s Waters (Well Magazine Asia)

Follow the news ... naturally.

The HK heartbeat calendar

On the calendar

Friday-Sunday 16-18 SRT Advanced Class
Friday 16 (8am-6pm) Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training
Friday 16 (7:15-9pm) Kundalini Yoga + Singing Bowl Relaxation
Friday 16 (8-11pm) Indoor Forest Bathing
Saturday-Sunday 17-18 Pyramid of Healing Mind Mandala
Saturday 17 (6:30am-1pm) 24k HK Ultimate Champs
Saturday 17 (8am-5pm) Integral Yoga Intermediate Teacher Training
Saturday 17 (9am-2:30pm) Transcendental Breathwork
Saturday 17 (10am-8:40pm) Flow Tetrahedron 2.0
Saturday 17 (10am-5pm) Singing Bowl One Day Course
Saturday 17 (10am-1pm) Basic Massage Workshop
Saturday 17 (10am-1pm) Sweet Sleep Hypnosis Workshop
Saturday 17 (10am-12:30pm) Hong Kong Bigu Health Class
Saturday 17 (4-5:30pm) Baby First Aid Introductory Class
Saturday 17 (5-10pm) Awakening Female Energy: Connecting To the Source of Life
Sunday 18 (10am-1pm) Women's Monthly MTB Ride
Sunday 18 (10am-12:30pm) Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health
Sunday 18 (10:30-11:45am) Forrest Yoga at the Park
Sunday 18 (4:40-6pm) Paint Your Bamboo Tee (Adults)
Tuesday 20 (9:30am-12:30pm) IFPA Professional Diploma Course
Tuesday 20 (9:30am-12:30pm) NAHA (Level I) Certificate Course
Tuesday 20 (11am-2pm) Sourdough Baking - Level 1
Tuesday 20 (2-3pm) Silver Haired Yoga Exercise Class
Tuesday 20 (7:30-9:30pm) Pendulum Therapy
Wednesday 21 (10am-12:30pm) Gluten Free Cooking - Level 1
Wednesday 21 (7-10pm) Alignment Matters
Wednesday 21 (7:30-9pm) Five Elements Aroma Hand Therapy
Thursday 22 (12-3am) Balancing Seven Wheels Workshop: Sun Wheel
Thursday 22 (10am-12:30pm) Okinawan Longevity Cooking Class
Thursday 22 (6-8:30pm) Stitch Doodles Embroidery Art
Thursday 22 (7:15-9pm) Zentangle + Singing Bowl
Thursday 22 (9-10pm) Earth Day 2021 special - Restoring the Earth

Click here for details -- new listings are added daily

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Listen to your own heartbeat

Mental health relief

If you are facing a crisis, the Mental Health Relief Scheme is available in multiple languages to everyone who needs a hand. If you feel able to, speak to a trusted friend or family member or a medical or mental health professional. Starting the conversation can be hard, but these people want to talk to you and help you to cope -- details


Photo by Kinzie

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