22 July 2021

HK heartbeat :: Issue #1026

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Listen to your own heartbeat ... naturally

This week, we are changing the mood.

It's easy to find reasons to get depressed.

Streams of bad news fill our feeds every day.

Algorithms create billionaires selling fear.

Stress is becoming our default position.

The directory and calendar offer relief.

Clouds and rains break for sunshine.

Find joy in life's everyday changes.

Marvel at nature's certainty.

Will happy be your choice?


HK heartbeat

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." Omar Khayyam

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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HK plastic survey

Share your thoughts on the use of single use plastics in Hong Kong. The HK government public consultation on on regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware has begun. The scheme proposes banning the local sale of disposable tableware with catering premises providing tableware to customers. Please take this survey regarding the ban of single use plastics -- details

In the news


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Highways England may have to reverse concreting of Victorian bridge arch (21 Jul 2021 - The Guardian)

New Sharks For Shark Week (19 Jul 2021 - Forbes)

Delta variant carries 1,000 times more viral load (19 Jul 2021 - WISH)

Newly-introduced butterfly could become widespread in Canada (19 Jul 2021 - phys.org)

The end of open source? (18 Jul 2021 - Tech Crunch)

In Pictures: Hong Kong announces three more protected monuments (17 Jul 2021 - HKFP)

Moon 'wobble' effects on Canada’s coastal cities 'right around the corner' (15 Jul 2021 - Global News)

Mexico abandons fishing-free zone for rare endangered porpoise (15 Jul 2021 - Associated Press)

Parents who raise confident, mentally strong kids always do these 3 things (15 Jul 2021 - CNBC)

Customer loyalty schemes can do more harm than good if not run correctly (14 Jul 2021 - SCMP)

Quantum Physics Helps Break DNA and Destroy Cancer Cells (14 Jul 2021 - SciTechDaily)

Sharks evolved over millions of years as an apex predator, yet are no match for humans (11 Jul 2021 - CNN)

Troubled waters (5 Jun 2021 - China Daily)

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NOW PLAYING: Hollywood's latest scary movie is designed to save some of the 100 million sharks being slaughtered every year and our own Gary Stokes has finally revealed that this is the secret project he has been taking part in: "Everybody does blame China, but it’s happening everywhere. We’re talking multi millions of dollars. This is a huge business." ... details

The HK heartbeat calendar

The Calendar (more)

Thu 15 (10am-6pm) Bungee Fitness (AUM Yoga)
Thu 15 (12-3pm) NAHA Course
Fri 16 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)
Sat 17 (9:30am-5:45pm) Tolo Harbour Boat Trip (Royal Geographical Society)
Sat 17 (11am-5:30pm) Plastic Health Festival (School of Everyday Life)
Sat 17 (11am-5:30pm) Strengthening Resistance (School of Everyday Life)
Sat 17 (11am-12:30pm) Taoist Health Care Workshop (Club O)
Sat 17 (7-10pm) Tai Po Kau Night Biodiversity Excursion
Sun 18 (11am-5:30pm) Plastic Health Festival (School of Everyday Life)
Sun 18 (11am-5:30pm) Strengthening Resistance (School of Everyday Life)
Sun 18 (3-5pm) Screening and discussion: Dot 2 Dot
Mon 19-20 (2-9pm) The Liv Well Retreat (Hyatt Regency)
Mon 19 (2-4:30pm) South Indian Kerala Style Vegan Cooking Class (FoodCraft)
Tue 20 (11am-1:30pm) Vegan Jack Fruit Cooking Class (FoodCraft)
Tue 20 (4:30-6:15pm) Be with Myself in the Healing (Club O)
Tue 20 (6-8:30pm) Homemade Sushi-Making Class (FoodCraft)
Wed 21 (12:30-2pm) Lunchtime Destress Doodling (Wild at Art)
Wed 21 (5-6:30pm) Singing Bowl Audio Relaxation (Club O)
Thu 22 (11am-12:30pm) The Taste of Toothache (Club O)
Thu 22 (3-5pm) Soy-free Miso & Amazake Class (FoodCraft)
Thu 22 (6-8:30pm) Flower of Life Mandalas (Wild at Art)
Fri 23 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)
Sat 24 (9am-5pm) I love Hong Kong Collage (Wild at Art)
Sat 24 (10am-6pm) Basic Bakery Skills, Baguette & Bagels (Pots n Pans Cooking Studio)
Sat 24 (10am-4pm) Gemstone and Chakra Consciousness (Secret of Bliss)
Sat 24 (3:30-5pm) Life Zen Experience - Seeing Freedom (Club O)
Sun 25 (1-5pm) Attracting Intimate Loving Relationships (Secret of Bliss)
Tue 27 (10am-12:30pm) Sauerkraut Class (FoodCraft)
Tue 27 (3-5pm) Kid's Rainbow Sourdough Baking Class (FoodCraft)
Tue 27 (4:30-6:15pm) Be with Myself in the Healing (Club O)
Wed 28 (12:30-2pm) Lunchtime Destress Doodling (Wild at Art)
Wed 28 (5-6:30pm) Singing Bowl Audio Relaxation (Club O)
Fri 30 World Friendship Day
Fri 30 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)
Fri 30 (7:30-9:30pm) Kimchi, Natto and Bean Sauce Workshop (GreenWoods)
Sat 31 (11am-12:30pm) Taoist Health Care Workshop (Club O)
Sat 31 (7:30-10:30pm) Together We Love (Youth Square)

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Break the Chain -- stop wildlife traffickers using Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wildlife trafficking hub and current laws are not enough to stop traffickers. Break the Chain is a new collective raising awareness with an Augmented Reality mural campaign to collect signatures by June 30 for a petition supporting a new law to deter criminal syndicates from using our city as a hub for the illegal wildlife trade. Change is coming and we are the change ... details

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The Redress Closet

After a decade of organizing secondhand pop-ups, the time has come for our permanent shop to reduce textile waste and to offer accessible and fashionable ways to lessen the impact of every wardrobe. Support Redress to reduce waste in fashion and remember to bring your own bag ... details

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Listen to your own heartbeat

Listen to your own heartbeat ... naturally

Photo credit: Kinzie

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