2 March 2021

HK heartbeat :: issue #1007

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Listen to your own heartbeat ... naturally

This week, we're beginning to hear a new tune.

When the noise is loud, it's hard to hear anything but.

When the music is loud, it's easy to become noise.

Instruments combine and notes become melodies.

Different sounds come together to form song.

Each sound has a role. Each note has a place.

Life in nature exists in perfect harmony.

Our goal is to maintain this beauty.

Our voices combine in all nature.

We come together in harmony.

We are making music together.

We gather for actual concerts.

We call for more from less.

A single note is beautiful.

Combining many is, too.

Where is our harmony?


HK heartbeat

Listen to your own heartbeat.

Serving Hong Kong since 2001 ... naturally

"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." Aldo Leopold

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Mask with care.

Musicians rise from the ashes of a tough year. Our new outdoor harborfront music festival offers peace of mind for local musicians along with their audience with private pods for easy social distancing -- details.

Get Redressed Spring Popup Shop

Redress will be popping up in Central with an eclectic mix of beautiful, quality second hand clothes for men, women and children from just $50. Contribute to the circular economy in Hong Kong and reduce textile waste going to landfill. From floral prints and light linens, to athleisure and accessories, handpicked cross a range of styles and sizes and Retykle selling pre-loved designer kids clothing at extra special prices -- details

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"I don't envy the responsibility that this places on all of you." (BBC)

Explore Hong Kong’s wild side through the lens of nature photographer (CNN)

Why Scientists Are Starting to Care About Cultures That Talk to Whales (Smithsonian)

44% Of Hong Kong People Changing Their Diets Are Doing It For Animals (Green Queen)

Hong Kong is on its way to becoming one of Asia’s most sustainable cities (CNN)

China court orders man to pay wife for housework in landmark case (BBC)

Struggle against environmental poisoning in Martinique (Workers)

Plant-based diets reduce risk of heart disease, dementia (ABC)

10 best places to see seasonal foliage in Hong Kong (Localiiz)

Hong Kong’s best local farms for fresh produce (Localiiz)

Is the Western way of raising kids weird? (BBC)

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Mask with care.

The story of masks continues and I ordered extra stock in black or white, sizes small and large so you can buy now online while they last. They're 2-ply safe, comfortable, lightweight, durable, biodegradable, eco-smart and made with love from antimicrobial treated 100% fair trade fine Egyptian cotton -- buy here.

Ancient wisdom for modern times

Get involved with active local volunteers on the ground making a difference.

Stay in touch with migrating members gets easy with the new heartbeat village.

The new digital edition of the directory is free with personal membership.

Book a listing or display ad by January 31 and save 25%.

Contact us to suggest a new category or listing.

Coffee ecosystems are especially vulnerable to changing climate conditions like rising temperatures and unstable and extreme weather conditions. Explore the impacts of climate change on coffee and discover what everyone can do to start our day with a more sustainable coffee habit -- details

Mental health relief

If you are facing a crisis, the Mental Health Relief Scheme is available in multiple languages to everyone who needs a hand. If you feel able to, speak to a trusted friend or family member or a medical or mental health professional. Starting the conversation can be hard, but these people want to talk to you and help you to cope -- details

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Community for good ... naturally.

We are the real super power. Powered by trust, Hong Kong's natural network is building a fair future for everyone by connecting the public with independent professionals, commercial businesses and social organizations. Our members share fresh content and verified contacts for natural products, services and programs. We share everything you need for balanced everyday choices -- chemical-free health and beauty, lifestyle services, whole food, sustainable fashion, eco-style, green gadgets and more.

Everything is connected.

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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